Membership Application

To apply for membership contact USCAK Canada

Membership Types
  1. Sports - Club, National Organization

  2. Individual - Athlete, Coach



The membership of USCAK Canada is open to all Ukrainian/Canadian sports clubs, organizations, and individuals without discrimination on the basis of race, colour, religion, age, sex, or national origin.


- National Organizations - Sports Club Membership

- Individual Membership (an individual who has paid a membership fee to be decided upon by the Board of Directors)

- Honorary Members.


- Any potential member desiring to become a  Member of USCAK Canada must complete and submit an USCAK Canada Membership Application Form to an Executive Board member; specify the category of Organization Member being applied for; and if possible, include with the application copies of its charter or articles of incorporation, bylaws, rules, regulations, any rules of play, and other governing documents appropriate to understanding the structure and activities of the organization.
- Acceptance Process
- Executive Board will, by a simple majority, accept new members



The Term of Membership shall be one year.
If the Member is in good standing, their membership shall automatically be renewed by payment of Annual Dues.

Voting rights

- Every Member Sports Club is allowed up to 3 votes
- Every Member National Organization is allowed up to 3 votes
- Individual Members are allowed 1 vote each
- Every Board member is entitled to 1 vote
- Any member in attendance can only vote once, even if that member is affiliated with more than one club, national organization, and/or board position
- Proxies are not permitted at the General Elections, but out-of-town members can vote via Skype
- All board members are entitled to 1 vote, in which case they may not vote as one of 3 votes for their club or organization. Their club or organization still retains 3 votes.



A person who is trained in or excels at sports, games, or exercises that require skill and/or physical ability (strength, speed, agility, etc.)



A club for the purpose of playing one or more sports. Sports clubs range from organizations whose members play together, unpaid, and may play other similar clubs on occasion, watched mostly by family and friends. Clubs may be dedicated to a single sport, or to several (multi-sport club).


The National sports organizations are charged with helping to establish and strengthen contacts with sports organizations and verifying their adherence to adopted statutes. The organizations create the material and financial base for the development of physical culture and sport, develop rules and regulations on the specific form of sport, plan and organize international competitions, and register records.


Originating from or descended from that region of the world recognized as the country of Ukraine at the time that these Bylaws are adapted. As used in the context of these Bylaws, Ukrainian shall refer to individuals, clubs, organizations and institutions committed to preserving and/or participating in activities (especially including recreational, competitive and athletic activities) involving Ukrainian culture, language, heritage and/or traditions.

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