Welcome to USCAK Canada            Organization!

           Ukrainian Sports Federation of USA and Canada. We are the sports umbrella for Canadian Ukrainian sports in Canada. We are a
member of the committee Ukrainian Canadian Congress National (UCC) and
members of UCC-Toronto Branch. We are partners with USCAK USA.





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Upcoming Events

Great Lakes CupSoccer Tournament - May 26-28
Chicago, Illinois.
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USC Karpaty PicnicJune 17 - Poltava Club, Terra Cotta, ON
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USC Karpaty Soccer CampAugust 13 - 18
Plast Oselia Grafton, ON
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Ukrainian Independece Day EventsAugust 19
Centennial Park Etobicoke, ON
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Toronto Ukrainian Festival September 15-17. Bloor West Village
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Invictus Games Toronto 2017 September 23-30
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